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Thank you to GO Grant for helping us build our new Greenhouse.  Students of all ages will be able to use this on-site greenhouse to enhance STEM by taking a short walk and enjoy hands-on experiences.  From the life cycle and parts of a plant to biology, students from all groups can engage with our new greenhouse. Students in elementary school can see firsthand how weather affects growing conditions. Tending to plants teaches them responsibility, and they start to experience at an early age the reward of seeing their hard work blossom.

Middle schoolers may start branching out from the gardening and growing basics, conducting experiments related to temperature controls, fertilizers or even taking note of which plants may thrive in certain conditions or in their local climate.  Students get an up-close look at ecosystems and their components.  In high school, students may develop an interest in horticultural programs and continue to build on these lessons, possibly even developing entrepreneurial skills.

Timber Wolf

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