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General Information:

The information reported in this packet will become part of your child’s record. Student record information will not be released to third parties or used for purposes other than routine daily and/or emergency contact needs without the knowledge or permission of parents, or legal guardians, except in accordance with the law.

Only a parent or legal guardian may apply for Alpha Academy. Proof of Guardianship can include a birth certificate, divorce papers, Social Services paperwork, or paperwork signed by a judge awarding custody.

Remember to inform school staff of any special needs your student may have (504 Plan, IEP, special health care needs, etc.)

All applications will be processed electronically and checked for accuracy. Any falsification of information may result in your application not being processed and/or denied.

*Please also note that this website is optimized for IE 10.0 and higher, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

Student Information

An application must be completed for each child attending. Please ensure that all information is current and accurate, and also sign and date where applicable. Incomplete applications may delay the application process.

All students who have passed the fifth anniversary of their birth on or before August 31 of the year in which they are presented for enrollment are entitled to attend school in the attendance area in which they are domiciled. All students under the age of 21 years who are domiciled in a school administrative unit who have not been removed from school for cause, or have not obtained a high school diploma are entitled to attend school in the attendance area in which they are domiciled.

Parent(s) or court-appointed custodian(s) must provide the following documentation to the school upon presentation for enrollment:


  • Certified birth certificate
  • Record of immunizations
  • Health assessment

1st – 8th grade:

  • Certified birth certificate
  • Record of immunizations
  • Last report card, withdrawal documentation, or transcript from the previous school

If you have any questions about any of the forms, call the Alpha Academy Office at 910-223-7711


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