Alpha Academy maintains high expectations for all students. This is shown through the academic progress our students have consistently accomplished over the years. Leaders understand “vision” is the engine that moves any organization. Colin Powell once said, “Have a vision. Be demanding.” Our leaders are no different. At Alpha Academy’s infancy, a vision emerged that would become the driving focal point that fuels our continued success. Alpha Academy’s vision is to thrive as one of the most successful schools in the world. We measure success by our service to the community while helping students graduate, obtain successful careers, and become model citizens. We focus daily on creating a culture of learning. This vision has demanded high standards from every person involved, and the harvest has been nothing short of phenomenal. The following are just a few of the many achievements that culminate the success of Alpha Academy during its 20 years of serving our community. 


Academic Growth & Achievements – Alpha Academy is a School of Distinction. This means Alpha Academy has earned a “B” school rating through the NC School Report Card. The minority students at Alpha Academy score on an average, 15% higher than those of surrounding counties. 

Diversity – Alpha Academy thrives because of its diversity. Both our student and staff population are diverse. Our student demographics consist of approximately 60% Blacks; 19% Hispanics; 10% Whites; 9% American Indians, and 2% Native Hawaiian, Asian, and others. The diversity at Alpha Academy allows us to build relationships across many different cultures. 

New School Facility – Our students, parents, staff, and community now enjoy a state-of-arts facility on a beautiful campus. 

Valued Relationships -We value building relationships and partnerships through our connections with students, parents, staff, schools and community universities, and businesses. Connecting through collaboration, commitment, and respect are some of the keys that lead to our success as these correlate with our core values. 

Military Support – In April of 2020, Alpha Academy was awarded the Purple Star for the support we provide to our military students and parents. Alpha Academy is one of only four schools in the state to have received this special award. 

Reliable Community Employer – Over the years, the number of teachers, teacher assistants, and other staff members employed at Alpha Academy has increased substantially. 

The Alpha Way – The mission and general philosophy is communicated and known as The Alpha Way. This is a composite of strategies and values that embrace and support the whole child. This requires a collaborative effort from the school’s administrators, faculty, families, and the entire community. We believe that exhibiting good character and developing a positive mindset is imperative for maximizing every student’s potential. Core values such as integrity, respect, collaboration, and compassion will foster a culture of excellence and provide an inclusive community where students become invested in and excited about learning. The Alpha Way does not only promote the personal and academic achievement of every student but prepares a foundation of values that are easily recognized as our student’s transition to positively impact our ever-changing world.