In Loving Memory of Rebecca Monica Harrell

By Student Life

Today, Alpha Academy has suffered a tremendous loss. We are sadden by the passing of our beloved, Ms. Harrell. Please continue to pray for her family and Alpha Academy. She will be truly missed.

Mrs. Rebecca Monica Harrell age 45 of Raeford departed this life on Sunday, May 2, 2021.

Funeral service (INVITATION ONLY) will be held on Saturday, May 8th at 11:00 A.M. in Christ Worship Center Church in Hope Mills. Viewing will take place on Saturday, May 8th from 10:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M. at Christ Worship Center Church.

She leaves to cherish her loving memories husband: Chris Harrell; mother: Cassie Tillman; grandmother, Rebecca G. Jackson; children: Efrain Denson, Keshia Harrell, Brianna Denson, and Sophia Harrell; siblings: Dennis Tillman, Bennie Tillman III, Tommy Tillman, Cassandra Scales, Evelena Bunche and Valerie Branch; three grandchildren and a host of other relatives and friends.

Service may be viewed via livestream at or Christ Worship Center Church facebook page.

Arrangements entrusted to Wiseman Mortuary Inc.

To send flowers to Rebecca’s family, please visit our floral store.



World Book Day

By Student Life

World Book Day changes lives through a love of books and shared reading. Our mission is to promote reading for pleasure, offering every child and young person the opportunity to have a book of their own. Reading for pleasure is the single biggest indicator of a child’s future success – more than their family circumstances, their parents’ educational background or their income. We want to see more children, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, with a life-long habit of reading for pleasure and the improved life chances this brings them. Designated by UNESCO as a worldwide celebration of books and reading, World Book Day is marked in over 100 countries around the globe. 

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School Fundraiser

By Student Life

Our school, now more than ever, needs your support and every purchase makes a difference! Shop for: gift wrap, kitchen, home items, candy & more. For our students to participate and sell 10 items. Order Form Entry Online Only By April 26, 2021 For any questions, please contact Michelle Campbell at or (910)2237711 

Shop online and Share with Family and Friends: Email, Text & Post to Social Media

TO REGISTER: Visit: or Text: “Register” to 636202-1400 
School ID: 237711
Student ID: Enter the last 7 digits of your phone number (If you are registering more than one student, just change the last number  of your phone number to create a second Student ID) kindle fire 

Register above to be entered into a drawing  for a chance to win a Kindle Fire Tablet! Share with Family, Friends & CoWorkers

Alpha Academy McKinney-Vento Program

By Fayetteville Observer

NCHEP is dedicated to ensuring that all children and youth experiencing homelessness have access to the public education to which they are entitled under the federal McKinney-Vento Education of Homeless Children and Youth Assistance Act. NCHEP works towards this goal by ensuring that North Carolina’s state policies are in compliance with federal law, by providing technical assistance to North Carolina’s local homeless education liaisons, and by providing informational and awareness materials to educators and other interested community members throughout North Carolina.

The North Carolina Homeless Education Program (NCHEP) is the Education for Homeless Children and Youths Program for the state of North Carolina. In January 2009, the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction contracted with The SERVE Center at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro.


NCHEP is dedicated to ensuring that all children and youth experiencing homelessness have access to the public education to which they are entitled under the federal McKinney-Vento Education of Homeless Children and Youth Assistance Act. NCHEP works towards this goal by ensuring that North Carolina’s state policies are in compliance with federal law, by providing technical assistance to North Carolina’s local homeless education liaisons, and by providing informational and awareness materials to educators and other interested community members throughout North Carolina.


Initial questions should be directed to the  homeless liaison contact listed below:

Brandie Abraham | School Counselor/Dean of Students

Phone: (910)-223-7711 Ext 218


8th Grade Science Fair

By Katherine G. Johnson S.T.E.M Institute

Dear 8th Grade Parents/Guardians,


We hope this letter finds you and your family in good health as we continue to face the uncertainty in our community.
Below is important information concerning your student(s) 2021 Science Fair Project. Please read this letter in its entirety so that we can have safe transport for student materials and projects.
The purpose of our Science Fair this year is to foster Family Engagement. Families gain an opportunity to spend time together on a Science Fair Project that will promote a positive academic environment. Please approach this as time to spend on your student’s academic progression, deeper understanding, and application of what has been taught this year.
This pandemic situation has challenged us to look at various means to deliver meaningful academic instruction to our students and keep them engaged throughout the school year. This will be evident as we ask students and parents/guardians to work together on a cumulative and creative Science Fair Project. Students will have the choice of 2 options:
1. Create a Tri – Fold Presentation Board that highlights a topic they learned this year. Students will take a topic they are interested in or learned the most about to create an informational board to explain to younger students what they will be learning about in 8th grade.
2. Create a Prototype of a device that will help the Environment. Students will record a 2 minute video displaying the device, discussing its components, explaining how this will help the environment, and what science based research they have conducted that has led them to the conclusion that this will be helpful.
***Rubrics for these projects are attached. Please review these as the guide for your project completion***
The Science Fair Tri Fold/ Presentation Video must be completed by Friday, April 2nd.
Please mark your calendar identifying these vital dates during the remainder of this semester:
February 26th – Choose either Option 1 or 2
March 1st, 2nd, and 3rd – Students take their Tri – Fold Board home after testing (Option 1).
March 12th – Content developed and rough drafts created at home
Option 1: Rough drafts completed: Ex: state standard, title, topic, Why is this important, Why is this interesting? What would we need to know before learning about this topic? What is the most important item to know about this topic?
Option 2: Prototype #1 should be completed with a summary of how it helps the Earth
March 19th – Plan arrangement of information on board or in video
Option 1: Sketch arrangement of information on scrap sheet of paper. Will that information fit? Did I include all of the components listed above?
Option 2: Practice Videotaping. If this goes well keep the video. If not, erase and then film again with adjustments made.
March 26th – Create Tri-Fold OR Create the video. Look over your work!
Option 1: Create board by arranging, placing, decorating, coloring, and writing on Tri-Fold Board
Option 2: Record the entire video. Look at recording to ensure it satisfies requirements.
March 29th – Boards need to be dropped off this week at the Front office. Drop the boards off after 10 am but before 2 pm. Include student’s name and homeroom teacher on back of board
April 2nd – Boards Due by 2 pm. Videos submitted using Flip Grid by 2pm. Label with Name and Homeroom Teacher so that we can track these easily.
This assignment will be taken for a Grade
Thank you for continued support.
Chris Stinson
STEM Director

Perennial Math Competition

By Student Life
Perennial Math Competition
This past Saturday a group of 5th graders competed in the Perennial Math Competition for North Carolina in both the group and individual categories.
Alpha Academy placed 2nd as a group and Leiriel Simeon placed 2nd in the individual event.
This group of students qualify to compete in the National Math Competition in May.
The following are the students who participated in this event :
Justin Mainor (Mr. Mitchell’s Class)
Daniel McDonald (Ms. Miller’s Class)
Leiriel Simeon (Mrs. Smith’s Class)
Jayden Green (Ms. Gidrey’s Class)
Moya Morgan (Ms. Gidrey’s Class)
Kamiylah Striggles (Ms. Gidrey’s Class)

S.S. Katherine Johnson Cygnus Spacecraft

By Katherine G. Johnson S.T.E.M Institute
All resources, participation, and registration are FREE.
Register to let NASA know that you’re virtually participating!

About this Event

Registration will provide communications about launch schedule changes, information about highlighted launch-related activities, and access to curated launch resources.

Northrop Grumman’s 15th commercial resupply services mission is scheduled to deliver cargo to the International Space Station in the S.S. Katherine Johnson Cygnus spacecraft. Launch is from the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport’s Pad-0A at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility on Wallops Island.

While there is no physical ticket for online participation nor access to in-person launch activities, register to participate from your spot in the universe!

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The use of the NASA logo or identifiers without permission of the Office of Communications is prohibited by federal statute and regulations, the violation of which may include fines, imprisonment, or both.

Catherine Truitt : North Carolina Superintendent of Public Instruction Since 2021

By North Carolina Department Of Education

Catherine Truitt has devoted her adult life to education with a heavy focus on ensuring that all students have the opportunity to receive a quality education and that students graduate high school, college or career-ready with the skills they need to succeed in today’s world.

Truitt’s service in education began as a high school English teacher, and she spent ten years in the classroom teaching at both the high school and middle school levels. Twice she was nominated for the prestigious “Teacher of the Year” award. Her last three years as a teacher were spent at West Johnston High School, where she taught English to 11th and 12th grade students.  During her time there she created a new Media Literacy elective, a 21st Century Skills course.

Catherine Truitt at NC State CapitolGovernor Pat McCrory appointed Truitt to serve as his Senior Advisor on Education in 2015. In this capacity, she was tasked with developing strategic state education policy goals for ages 0-20.  Governor McCrory awarded Truitt the Order of the Long Leaf Pine, the highest honor that may be awarded by a governor of North Carolina, in recognition of her efforts to improve public education for all North Carolina students

Prior to her appointment by Governor McCrory, Truitt worked with the International Center for Leadership in Education, where she worked with underperforming school districts as a school turnaround coach. In this role she collaborated with principals and department chairs to craft plans to close the achievement gap for all students and worked to develop whole-district transformation initiatives. Truitt also served as a mentor for teachers in Kindergarten through 12th Grade, helping them develop strategies to keep students engaged and learning.

Truitt presently serves as Chancellor of non-profit Western Governors University North Carolina (WGU NC). As Chancellor, she focuses on increasing access to higher education for the 1.5 million North Carolinians with some college but no degree. Truitt and WGU NC collaborate with community colleges, hospitals, school districts, local workforce boards and IT centers to ensure that state workforce demands and employer education needs are being met.

Truitt is a 1994 graduate of the University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Arts in English. She received her Master’s in Education from the University of Washington in 1997. Truitt serves on the board of directors of TLC, which was founded as the Tammy Lynn Center, and the North Carolina board of directors for the Nurse-Family Partnership.

Catherine and her husband, Jeff, reside in Cary.  Jeff, a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, is a Captain in the United States Navy and has served on active duty for 14 years and in the reserves since 2008. Catherine and Jeff are the proud parents of Susie, Chorley, and Charles, all of whom attend Wake County Public Schools. The Truitts are active members of Crosspointe Church.

Enhancing STEM education with hands on learning opportunities

By Katherine G. Johnson S.T.E.M InstituteNo Comments

Thank you to GO Grant for helping us build our new Greenhouse.  Students of all ages will be able to use this on-site greenhouse to enhance STEM by taking a short walk and enjoy hands-on experiences.  From the life cycle and parts of a plant to biology, students from all groups can engage with our new greenhouse. Students in elementary school can see firsthand how weather affects growing conditions. Tending to plants teaches them responsibility, and they start to experience at an early age the reward of seeing their hard work blossom.

Middle schoolers may start branching out from the gardening and growing basics, conducting experiments related to temperature controls, fertilizers or even taking note of which plants may thrive in certain conditions or in their local climate.  Students get an up-close look at ecosystems and their components.  In high school, students may develop an interest in horticultural programs and continue to build on these lessons, possibly even developing entrepreneurial skills.

Our 2nd Annual STEM Writing Contest

By Katherine G. Johnson S.T.E.M InstituteNo Comments

Contest Dates: Jan. 19, 2021-March 2, 2021

Note: Register for our live webinar on Jan. 14 on teaching informational writing with a STEM theme.

Why do hummingbirds nap? How do coronavirus vaccines work? Can two robotic spacecraft land on the moon at once? How do plant roots compete for water? Do foods like kiwis and cherries affect our sleep patterns?

If you click on any of these articles, you’ll see that they are written for a general reader. Special technical or scientific knowledge is not required, and each is designed to get our attention and keep it — by giving us “news we can use” in our own lives, or by exploring something fascinating in a way that makes it easy to understand and shows us why it matters.

That’s what Times journalists do every day across our ScienceHealth and Technology sections.

For this contest, The Learning Network invites you to bring that same spirit of inquiry and discovery to finding a STEM-related question, concept or issue you’re interested in, and, in 500 words or fewer, explaining it to a general audience in a way that not only helps us understand, but also engages us and makes us see why it’s important.

So what questions do you have about how the world works? What science, technology, engineering, math or health questions might be inspired by your own life or experiences? What innovations, processes or problems in any of these areas puzzle or intrigue you? What concepts in STEM — whether from biology, physics, psychology, computer science, algebra or calculus — have you learned about, in or out of school, that might be useful or fun to explain to others?

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