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Dear 8th Grade Parents/Guardians,


We hope this letter finds you and your family in good health as we continue to face the uncertainty in our community.
Below is important information concerning your student(s) 2021 Science Fair Project. Please read this letter in its entirety so that we can have safe transport for student materials and projects.
The purpose of our Science Fair this year is to foster Family Engagement. Families gain an opportunity to spend time together on a Science Fair Project that will promote a positive academic environment. Please approach this as time to spend on your student’s academic progression, deeper understanding, and application of what has been taught this year.
This pandemic situation has challenged us to look at various means to deliver meaningful academic instruction to our students and keep them engaged throughout the school year. This will be evident as we ask students and parents/guardians to work together on a cumulative and creative Science Fair Project. Students will have the choice of 2 options:
1. Create a Tri – Fold Presentation Board that highlights a topic they learned this year. Students will take a topic they are interested in or learned the most about to create an informational board to explain to younger students what they will be learning about in 8th grade.
2. Create a Prototype of a device that will help the Environment. Students will record a 2 minute video displaying the device, discussing its components, explaining how this will help the environment, and what science based research they have conducted that has led them to the conclusion that this will be helpful.
***Rubrics for these projects are attached. Please review these as the guide for your project completion***
The Science Fair Tri Fold/ Presentation Video must be completed by Friday, April 2nd.
Please mark your calendar identifying these vital dates during the remainder of this semester:
February 26th – Choose either Option 1 or 2
March 1st, 2nd, and 3rd – Students take their Tri – Fold Board home after testing (Option 1).
March 12th – Content developed and rough drafts created at home
Option 1: Rough drafts completed: Ex: state standard, title, topic, Why is this important, Why is this interesting? What would we need to know before learning about this topic? What is the most important item to know about this topic?
Option 2: Prototype #1 should be completed with a summary of how it helps the Earth
March 19th – Plan arrangement of information on board or in video
Option 1: Sketch arrangement of information on scrap sheet of paper. Will that information fit? Did I include all of the components listed above?
Option 2: Practice Videotaping. If this goes well keep the video. If not, erase and then film again with adjustments made.
March 26th – Create Tri-Fold OR Create the video. Look over your work!
Option 1: Create board by arranging, placing, decorating, coloring, and writing on Tri-Fold Board
Option 2: Record the entire video. Look at recording to ensure it satisfies requirements.
March 29th – Boards need to be dropped off this week at the Front office. Drop the boards off after 10 am but before 2 pm. Include student’s name and homeroom teacher on back of board
April 2nd – Boards Due by 2 pm. Videos submitted using Flip Grid by 2pm. Label with Name and Homeroom Teacher so that we can track these easily.
This assignment will be taken for a Grade
Thank you for continued support.
Chris Stinson
STEM Director
Timber Wolf