Alpha Academy is seeking Caterers to provide lunch and /or breakfast meals for the 2023-
2024 school year. We are currently soliciting competitive proposals and wish to invite your company to
submit a proposal. The attached Request for Proposal will also serve as the official Contract once the
Contract is successfully executed. The RFP/Contract provides a detailed description of our lunch
and/or breakfast program and services that we require, along with Contract terms and conditions,
nutrition requirements and a sample four-week cycle menu.

It is important to note the Caterer/Contractor is responsible for any reclaims that may result from a
Federal and/or State review resulting from inadequate portion sizes, missing meal components, missing
or incomplete production records, standardized recipes, or the absence of any other supporting
documentation required under program regulations. Therefore, it is critical that all meals provided
include all meal components in the exact portion size. In the event of a reclaim, the SFA will present an
invoice to the Caterer/Contractor requiring payment for disallowed meals. Please note that if the
Caterer/Contractor adheres to the specific terms and conditions of the Contract; there is minimum risk
of a reclaim. It is the responsibility of the SFA to monitor the contract to ensure the terms and
conditions are adhered to by all parties (SFA and Caterer/Contractor).

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Download Full RFP