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The COVID-19 pandemic is in many ways one of the most challenging times our society has faced in generations. Despite the great uncertainty everywhere, however, we remained focused on our community and school’s future. Please be assured that we will remain committed to ensuring an exceptional experience for all of our students and faculty. We will continue providing the highest level of service, learning, and professional development opportunities. 

As we continue to hold fast to our dreams, this 2020-2021 School Year marks Alpha Academy’s 20th year of operation. SO many great things have happened since our school first opened at the Church of Nazarene’s gymnasium in August of 2000. In 2010, Alpha Academy made a commitment to name its STEM program and facility in honor of African-American physicist and mathematician, Katherine G. Johnson. In the fall of 2012, Alpha Academy moved to our brand-new campus. Then, in the fall of 2016, we completed construction on the Katherine G. Johnson STEM Institute and an auditorium with the capacity for 1000+ attendees.  Additionally, I am very pleased to announce we recently completed the construction of a three-storied facility that will accommodate our rigorous STEM, high school, and college preparatory programs. 

Consequently, we have grown tremendously, and have certainly experienced growing pains along the way, but we have never stopped celebrating and giving thanks for the achievements and gifts we have received during our 20 years of operation. Our successful efforts in meeting the educational needs of a diverse and transient military community, however, would have not occurred without the teamwork of a great staff. I continue to be awestruck by our institution’s remarkable resourcefulness, resilience, decency, humanity, and excellence, and even its future aspirations. 

Our exceptions are clear and our standards are resolute. Through academic excellence and exceptional character, we aspire to help make our communities, country, and the world a better place to live. Alpha Academy’s Declaration is “We Are Global Transformers!”.


Eugene Slocum